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Although with the COVID-19 outbreak, large gatherings and events are not recommended by Public Health Authorities, there is little to no risk to hold smaller gatherings and events at the present time. 


However, it is recommended to take additional precautions to keep guests and staff members safe. 


Below are three actions that you can take to make sure your guests feel comfortable when attending your event. 



As an event planner, be clear about the risks of your event and communicate to keep your event attendees aware of your next steps. Let your event attendees know how you are proceeding with your event amid COVID-19. Provide attendees with options if they do not feel comfortable attending. We’ve crafted messaging to send to your event attendees here for you to use in sharing this message. 

Be prepared to receive questions and concerns from your attendees following your announcement as people process your announcement and decide how they would like to move forward. 


For sample messages, click here. 


Extra Event Preparation

At your event, take extra steps to keep guests feeling safe and comfortable. Provide hand sanitizer, and access to hand-washing stations wherever possible. Add signage to remind your attendees to keep respectable distances between one another. And offer alternatives for greetings each other like a wave, nod, or smile. 


For sample posters to add at your event, click here.


Adjust the Event

Where possible, change your activity schedule to reduce risk. Remove or shorten times for networking and mingling, opt for smaller gatherings for dinners, or introduce elements virtually so people can participate remotely. 

Without moving your event to be completely virtual, these small changes can help to reduce time spent together in confined spaces, helping attendees and staff stay safe. 


Social distancing will help slow the spread of this outbreak, but we know people still require social interaction. As long as the risk is low and event attendees and staff are safe, it is possible to host a fundraising event successfully amid COVID-19. 


For more information, review our covid-19 resource guide.