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It takes dedication and effort to show up in someone’s search results, but search engine optimization (SEO) makes this all possible!

Attract Attendees with Optimized SEO

How do you go about choosing the right keywords?

Keywords — words that a potential event attendee would search on Google to find your site — are the heart of SEO. Use these words strategically on your event page, especially in your event name and description.

Identify words and phrases relevant to your event.

  • What words would your attendees use to describe your event?

If the search volume for your keywords is too low, you won’t reach enough attendees.

Regularly post your event page link to your social media accounts

  • Insert your event link into blogs or pages on your website. This can be a simple way for your team to maintain top-of-mind status with your event attendees and donors.

Use Data to Keep Past Attendees

How do you get attendees to keep coming back to your event year after year? Data!

As you monitor the progress of your and sales through the Results section in your trellis dashboard, you can run reports that will give you the information you need to sell out your event. Specifically, run reports that show you sales by ticket type.

How can you use these reports to drive ticket sales?

Assess your ticketing process to optimize your sales.

Look at your sales by ticket type. If you’re running an early bird special or waiting for a few remaining tickets to sell, you’ll be able to see which type of tickets sell faster — and which need to be promoted more.

Strengthen Bonds with Event Sponsors

One of the best ways to improve your event and draw a sell-out crowd is through sponsors.  Event sponsors provide the resources you need to craft the ultimate attendee experience — without spending more money.

Offer sponsors opportunities beyond the usual logo placement, and tap into experiential marketing. Businesses love experiential marketing at consumer events. These mini-experiences (in the form of sponsorship activations) add richness and unexpected elements to your event, while the sponsorship partner foots the bill.

The right sponsorships attract attendees and increase sales for a sold-out event.

Take a cue from the Central Okanagan Food Bank’s Fork & Spoon Gala, where 9 chefs volunteer their skills to create 9 different courses. Event attendees enjoy a 5-star dining experience, and the Food Bank doesn’t have to pay for a thing as all food is made from donated goods.

Simplify your ticketing & registration

Fact: buyers won’t complete a purchase that requires them to make an account. With every extra field in the purchase form, it is less likely buyers will purchase tickets or make donations.

To drive sales, trellis has simplified the steps it takes for attendees to buy tickets. Registration is fast and as easy as possible, so potential attendees can go from thinking about attending to confirming their registration in just a few clicks.

trellis automatically sets you up for best ticketing, donation & registration practices by:

• Limiting the number of steps it takes to check out.

• Not requiring attendees to make an account or log in to buy tickets.

• Clearly communicating additional ticketing fees before purchase.

• Optimizing pages whether someone is registering on a desktop or mobile device.