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You’re launching an event to promote your charity. Hooray for you!

Know how to make it run smoothly? Use these 5 steps to run an easy-breezy event.

1. pinpoint purpose

What do you want to accomplish by launching a special event? Maybe you’re wanting to generate new donors, increase awareness about your cause, or launch a new charity initiative.

Whatever your motivation, it should be clearly communicated to all event attendees and donors.

If your goal is to showcase your nonprofit’s latest initiative while also attracting new donors, ensure people talking to attendees know about that too. Winning communication empowers your efforts as an organization.

Not sure where to begin? trellis helps your charity by automating communications with customized “Thank You” and tax receipting messaging to further drive your fundraising efforts.

Share your charity’s story, get support, and educate and inspire the change makers in your community.

2. make a plan

Once you’ve narrowed down the “why” of your event, you can begin planning the “how.”

From the venue to food to entertainment and the guest list, planning a successful event involves a whole lot of details. Make it smooth for you and your staff by planning step-by-step actions before, during, and after your event. Decide what you want to happen at your event, then determine who will be responsible for each.

Find checking guests in to be a hassle for staff and volunteers? Watch this video for your event.  

3. delegate details

In the world of philanthropy, we love to give our time and effort when it comes to events. Sometimes we take on too much responsibility; minimize this by delegating who will be responsible for each component of the event.

4. communicate clearly

Especially in the leadup to an event, it is a delightful feeling when you and your team consistently communicate important changes in plans.

No one likes to deal with missing event handouts that your staff assumed you sent to the printer, so whether it is the venues or sponsors or volunteers, ensure your event’s success by communicating regularly with everyone involved.

5. follow-up

If attracting new donors is a major goal in hosting your event, make a follow-up game plan. If you’re stuck with ideas, our trellis team can provide unique automated ways for you to connect with your donors.

Increase your donor catchment right now! Save your time and energy by having trellis power your event, where donor and attendee contact info is automatically gathered in one easy-to-understand place.

Maximize the potential of new event attendees by communicating with them and celebrating the impact they are making in the community by participating in your event.

Deciding to host an event can be the first big step in discovering new people and businesses who are passionate about your cause. Elevate your profile as a charity or nonprofit; take time to plan out your event so you can meet and exceed your goals!