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Are you making the most of trellis?

Check out these winning event fundraising features, designed to connect passionate people and nonprofits with simple solutions so you can do good and feel good all at the same time.

photos in an instant

We get it. Life is full on when you’re growing your nonprofit initiatives. You’re busy, so we’ve made it easy for you to keep up with the latest photo trends.

Using trellis’s new image uploader, it’s easier than ever before to make snappy campaigns and events that stand out!

Photos are a big deal: 90% of the information we absorb is visual, and 65% of people are visual learners.

trellis is here so you can make snazzy event pages in a snap.

The image uploader has thousands of free high-quality photos for you to select from, so you can instantly achieve that wow factor all while saving time and resources.


fresh customizations

When creating an event, we now have 3 different templates to choose from, with further customizations present in each. trellis walks users through a step-by-step guide to create multiple campaign and event pages with their own unique look, styling and messaging.

accessibility features

You’ve just made an awesome event on trellis, and want people to easily access your page. What happens if someone has limited eyesight?

The new voiceover feature in trellis is here for you.

Our designer has been hard at work ensuring that people of all abilities are able to use trellis with ease.

If a user is blind, trellis event pages are accessible through launching a screen reader program. A speaker will read off whatever is present on the page, making it simple for people with visual impairments to support causes they believe in.

The user can navigate with their keyboard, and a speaker will walk them through where they are on the page, tell them what actions are required to fill out needed information, and successfully purchase a ticket.

This screen reader program is built into all checkout features of trellis.

event pages set up in 5 minutes or less?! True that!

Watch this video to see how simple it is to get your next event launched:

Hooray for simplicity, that doing good feeling and accessibility for all!

Learn how trellis can make your next fundraising event a roaring success!