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 use social media to boost your initiatives

Social media is a major driver of traffic and donations to your campaigns, allowing you to engage past donors, as well as casual followers and new users. The question is, how do you reach as many people as possible and mobilize them to take action?

Below are two simple principles that will help you succeed. Keep these points in mind as you create a social presence that increases your visibility and moves supporters to donate and share your campaign.

1. get discovered with hashtags

#GivingTuesday—a hashtag used by millions—is a product of smart marketing.

Besides using the hashtag #GivingTuesday, you can also create a hashtag specifically for your organization and campaign. Holler at #GivingTuesdayOkanagan! This will make it simple to monitor and collect social posts about your campaign.

If you choose to create your own hashtag, make it something simple for your community to remember. Don’t forget that more is less when using hashtags: engagement declines when you use more than two hashtags at one time.

2. use links to create action

While you want your social media posts to be shared and seen, the ultimate goal is moving supporters to give and engage with your cause. How do you do this? Create a link that bridges between the social post and making a donation.

Include a link to your campaign or donation page in each of your posts, and be strategic about when deciding what you want to link to. Some of your social media posts will send supporters to your campaign page, but if a Twitter post says, “Donate here!” the link should send users directly to your donation page. Supporters can easily follow through by clicking the link before they change their minds or get distracted.

helpful hints for twitter:

  • less is more when writing a Twitter post
  • use an app like Bitly to shorten your links to make your post look clean while saving those precious 280 characters.
  • don’t wait until the end of your Twitter post to display your link.
  • Higher click-through rates occur when links are placed roughly 25 percent into a Twitter post. Think short, simple, and towards the beginning of your post.

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