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We’ve been holding onto this secret for far too long, and we are ecstatic to finally share the launch of OKGNtech for Good!

OKGNtech for Good is a campaign challenging the OKGNtech community to raise $1 million dollars. We’ve chosen Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) of Kelowna as the suggested organization to donate to. The CAC, expected to open in early 2020, is an innovative and collaborative solution designed to support vulnerable children in meaningful and productive ways. Put simply, a local Child Advocacy Centre actually helps clear the path for a child victim to leave victimization behind and have the support and hope to start again. Sadly, this is a need in our community.

The Child Advocacy Centre is a shining example of our region’s ability to innovate and collaborate and isn’t that what OKGNtech is all about?! We’ve seen lots of amazing companies come on board already including Accelerate Okanagan, MAVAN Capital Partners, CREW Marketing Partners, and there is still room for you too!


Here’s how you can get involved with OKGNtech for Good. 


Choose a cause that aligns with your company! The CAC is our organization of choice, but you can invest in any cause that moves you. 


Create a fundraising page on to raise money. Trellis will track the collective impact so we can celebrate our wins together. 

Do good. 

Raise money for your chosen cause. Anything goes and any amount helps! Getting started is easy, the hardest part is remembering to hashtag #okgntechforgood.



There are 1 million different ways you can get involved with OKGNtech for Good, but we thought we’d start you off with just 5 fundraising ideas to get that brainstorming party started. 

1. Client Appreciation Event. 

Make your next client appreciation event an opportunity to give back! Gathering your clients together to show them your new space, say thanks for their support, or celebrate with a holiday party? Why don’t you use it as an opportunity to also raise money for OKGNtech for Good? Not only does it give clients an opportunity to join the excitement, but it’ll remind them why they love your company so much! 

2. Lip sync battle anyone? 

Sometimes after a busy work week, you just need to let loose. What about a lip sync battle with your colleagues? Invite some of your favourite OKGNtech companies to join in the fun! Charge an admission fee or raise the stakes for the losing team! 

3. A Private Concert

Okay, so maybe you don’t want to get on stage and sing, but why not call on a local OKGN band to entertain your guests at a private concert for your cause! Under the Rocks, anyone?

4. A Business Development Workshop

Don’t you love discovering that the companies you support also give back to their community? What about when it’s a company you are just considering signing on with? For your next business development workshop, charge admission by donation, and give your potential clients another reason to choose you over the competition. 

5. A Donation Campaign. 

Maybe an event isn’t quite up your alley. Well, what about a fundraising campaign instead? Donate a portion of your commissions or revenue from the quarter to a cause you care about, and trust us, you’ll feel really good about it. 


Have some other ideas for how you can raise money? That’s the spirit! Join the OKGNtech for Good challenge and let’s raise $1 million dollars for our community!



Curious who has already started their fundraisers? Check that out here!


Let’s show Canada what the OKGNtech community is all about.