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Meet Brett

In the past, Brett would have done it the old-fashioned way, sold tickets at the door, asked attendees to pay in cash, and taken a lot of time and motivation to review and reconcile afterwards. It would’ve taken manpower from three people, not including his accountant who would have to jump in after the event to make sure all the numbers matched up too.

Meet trellis

This year for the Okanagan Sun’s Hall of Fame event they used trellis, and they won’t look back. They were able to customize their page, show key information that they knew would get their attendees excited, and share more about why they were hosting the event straight from their page. But most importantly, they were able to streamline their processes through trellis’ centralized and easy-to-use platform, which meant less time, less volunteer manpower, a happier accountant, and a much happier Brett.

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So why does Brett love trellis?

The mobile version. People are buying things on their phones now, so it only seems natural to have ticket sales mobile friendly too. The ease of access to tickets, meant more sales than they had projected. By taking this online, people were able to buy tickets at any hour. They didn’t have to phone anyone, and it was visible 24/7.

The centralization. From event creation to ticket sales, it was all on one platform that was easy-to-use and quick to update on the fly as changes to the event happened. Brett was able to make sure his guests had the latest information and updates at all times, avoiding less confusion and friction for selling tickets.

The support. The trellis team was available, eager to help, and answered all Brett’s questions in a timely manner. As a result, Brett could spend more time what he does best, and trellis could handle the rest.

So why would you love trellis?

Similar to Brett, you’re probably frustrated by the manual labour, long process, and time with your head in the numbers instead of doing what you are most passionate about. Thankfully trellis is ready to step in.

Meet Justin and he’ll show you how simple it can be to sell tickets for your next event.