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Combine all the amazing supporter data available to your charity today in one simplified place – right at your fingertips!

The Right Kind of Data Collection

A big data problem exists when a champion wants to fundraise for a charity, but the charity’s fundraising isn’t synced with a platform like trellis that helps manage relationships with supporters.

If you as a supporter are both a donor and a fundraiser, it’s easy for the organization you support to miss your overall contribution when their data isn’t linked properly with your account.

trellis changes the game on this, streamlining data into easy-to-understand overviews and spreadsheets that are updated in real-time. This means organizations can – at a glance – see the numbers and know the contribution you are making as both a donor and a champion.

Talk to a fundraising specialist about planning your next fundraiser today. 

Social Animals

When you host a fundraiser as a champion for a charity, you’re creating a team environment where attendees feel personally connected to your event. And most people don’t want to go to an event by themselves; they’re more likely to attend fundraisers with a group of friends, which inevitably means bringing even more people out. Champion fundraising, anyone?!

Champion fundraising is all about gathering friends, family, and coworkers. The most successful events are the ones that encourage people to hang out, have fun, and feel good while doing good. Our friends at MAVAN Capital proved this first hand. Being new to the city, they wanted to host an open house and welcome the community to their office. They chose to take it a step further, and donated to Stigma Stroll and the Third Space Life Charity at the same time, which brought in more new friends and coworkers to their open house than they ever expected!

Find out more about what it looks like to champion an event for a cause you care about, and learn just how easy it is to get started here.

We’re social animals, so the minute you bring friends, family, fundraising, and fun together you’re bound to feel like a superhero. And trust us, you should.