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We’re all looking for new, innovative and easy fundraisers this summer! Zoom fatigue is real, and changing restrictions makes it hard to plan but have no fear we’ve got some easy to launch Zoom-free options for you. Virtual fundraising creates new opportunities to engage donors like never before so have fun with it! 

1. Gift Boxes 

Create and sell activity gift boxes for your donors!. The items inside can vary based on your donor base, but pick a theme that feels relevant to your organization and would be fun for your network to participate with. Try an activity box, and fill it with challenges, games, and activities to try over the summer! Encourage participants to share their progress on social media so you can cheer them on as you go. And make sure to partner with sponsors to fill the boxes with great items. Give donors clear instructions on how to pick up their boxes. You can even tie in the box items to a virtual aspect! An example of this is having a chef virtually walk participants through cooking their meal using the ingredients they found in the gift box! 

2. Silent Auction

Classic silent auctions aren’t going away, but they may be going virtual! Find items that will get your donors excited and engaged. Run your auction for at least two weeks to give your donors time to get their bids in, and with Trellis’ automated messages, we’ll make sure your donors know every time they get outbid. PS. Trellis supports auto-pay so you don’t have to worry about collecting payments!

3. Virtual Golf Tournament

Ever thought about changing your classic golf tournament into a virtual endeavour? It’s a great way to engage donors and allow them to enjoy themselves (while you don’t have to do all the work!) Golfers can play at their favourite courses and later make a donation to support your cause via your fundraising page! To increase engagement and excitement around the campaign ensure you encourage donors to share photos tagging your organization and using your custom hashtag! Want to go one step further? Create a draw, when people share photos from their outing they are entered to win a prize!


Have questions about how to bring one of these ideas, or your own fundraising ideas to life? Join a demo so our team can help you get the most your of your next fundraiser! We’re here to help!

Free Charity Golf Resource Guide

Free Charity Golf Resource Guide

  • How to host a safe and successful golf tournament in a post-COVID era
  • How to seamlessly blend an in-person tournament with a virtual dinner event
  • How to strategically fundraise for your event to raise more for your organization during this season
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