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When it comes to scaling your non-profit, seeking inspiration from unexpected sources can lead to groundbreaking insights. Consider your last travel booking experience: perhaps you breezed through Expedia to snag a flight. What caught your attention?

Two subtle yet powerful tactics employed by Expedia are worth dissecting:

1. Strategic Pairings: Mimicking Expedia’s Accommodation Offerings

Ever noticed how Expedia seamlessly suggests nearby hotel options when you book a flight? This isn’t just about convenience for travellers; it’s a strategic move. Expedia understands that when you’re jetting off, accommodation is a natural next step. By offering this complimentary service, Expedia enhances user experience without additional marketing efforts.

Adaptation for Non-Profits: 

Apply this tactic to your fundraising events. Consider integrating additional fundraising drivers alongside your primary fundraising activity. For instance, coupling a silent auction with your event or incorporating a swag sale alongside raffle ticket sales. Our research indicates that organizations adopting this approach double their fundraising outcomes with minimal extra effort.

non-profit fundraising tactics chart comparing fundraising drivers and funds raisied

2. Timely Upselling: Borrowing from Expedia’s Seat Upgrade Offers

Just before you finalize your flight booking, Expedia presents enticing seat upgrade options. This isn’t just a coincidence; it’s a strategic upsell designed to capitalize on the moment when you’re most inclined to act.

Adaptation for Non-Profits: 

Embrace donation upsells in your fundraising initiatives. Just as Expedia offers upgrades seamlessly, integrate opportunities for donors to elevate their contributions effortlessly. Organizations incorporating donation upsells witness a 20% increase in fundraising success. Offer donation prompts during ticket purchases, convert auction bids into donations, or bundle items to streamline the giving process.

non-profit fundraising tactics chart showing funds raised with and without donations

Getting Started: Simplifying Fundraising with

While replicating these strategies may seem daunting, platforms like make it achievable. As an all-in-one fundraising solution, streamlines event ticketing, auctions, and donations, creating a seamless donor experience. With features like donation upsells at checkout and bundled offerings, we’re revolutionizing the fundraising landscape.

If you’re ready to elevate your fundraising efforts and provide donors with a frictionless giving experience, is here to support you every step of the way. Connect with our team today and unlock the full potential of your non-profit’s impact.

In the realm of non-profit fundraising, drawing inspiration from unconventional sources can spark innovation and drive remarkable results. By adopting tactics from travel technology giants like Expedia and leveraging platforms like, your non-profit can propel its mission forward with confidence and efficiency. It’s time to redefine what’s possible in fundraising and unlock new avenues for success.