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Make it easy and fun for people to do good.

trellis was founded on the need to increase impact within our communities. At trellis, we believe people are inherently good. We can accelerate the impact your charity makes through connecting you with people who care about your cause.

We are passionate about empowering individuals, charities, and nonprofits with easy-to-use and impact-focused technology to grow events and community initiatives.

Organizations win with smart strategic communication that cultivates, defines, and understands important audiences. It listens. It crafts and shares compelling, clear stories. It extends influence and builds relationships. It analyzes data and collects intelligence. It creates conversation and enables people to come together.

Using trellis to guide your strategic communications – informed by data, approached thoughtfully, and delivered with precision – can be a game changer and make your charity’s next event a winner.

our vision

Enable impact. Change the world.

More than ever people want to participate in creating deep and meaningful impacts in their communities. It matters that charities communicate openly and honestly, as it fosters community, creativity, vulnerability, and adaptation. When your charity sees communication and strategy as the same thing, the sky is the limit when it comes to the impact you can create!

Not sure how to simplify your strategy? Discover how trellis can open new avenues to grow your impact & achieve success in your events.

It matters that we are in relationship with each other and able to be more vulnerable. That’s the place where we are creative and adaptive. It may feel like a lot more work, but it is also the only thing that will work. We need the wisdom and intelligence of everyone to transform our world.