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changing the way we give

Everyone seems to agree that we “care” more, yet yearly giving has stayed at 2% of GDP for the last 20 years. Good news: we do care more! The current social sector is operating in outdated principles that have caused it to morph into a short-sighted, non-evolving, hamster wheel for doing good. Adding to this problem, our society has put giving in a box that has not been able to grow.

So why has giving stayed stagnant? The answer is easy: marketing and engagement. No one can get our attention. No one is getting it in the right way or on the right platforms. If organizations are getting our attention, there is a good chance they are not using the correct messaging.

We also need to change our perspective.

We need to start talking about the social sector in terms of growing social enterprises.

We need to shift our thinking around what it means to give. When you give a donation, you are making a social investment. A social investment doesn’t mean expecting a monetary return necessarily, but it does mean expecting a social return. From volunteering to giving blood to building birdhouses in Stanley Park, giving can come in many forms, shapes, and sizes.

Our goal at trellis is to be the best at helping the social sector measure and showcase impact. Giving social investors – everyday people like you and me – a place to give back that is fun, engaging and impactful.

As a new company, we feel it is important to showcase what we believe in. trellis empowers people to do good while providing tools that bring the fundraising industry into the modern world. We are all about events for good.

With trellis you can participate in, or host fundraising events for impactful causes. Attend, get connected,  help others, improve your community. Yup, its that simple!

Who knew doing good and creating impact could be this fun?! Sign up for a demo and stay in the loop about all things good.