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We recently sat down with Victoria, who summited Mount Kilimanjaro all for a good cause. We learnt about the trek, why she made the big trip, and how she survived the stormy climb! You can listen to our conversation here!

About the cause.

Victoria chose the Upstream Project, which works to address youth homelessness, with a focus on prevention for at-risk youth. The Upstream Project works with students still in school. Its goal is to address these issues before youth experience these challenges. Passionate about the cause, Victoria knew she could do something to help.

Victoria had a cause close to her heart. All she needed now was a massive goal to inspire others and raise the money.

About the trek. 

The opportunity to summit Mount Kilimanjaro was a big goal to say the least. See Victoria had never done a trek like this before, but wanted to use it as a chance to push outside of her comfort zone. “I wanted to do something that would be really difficult. I thought the metaphor of ending youth homeless and inspiring these kids to reach for their dreams played in nicely to climbing a mountain, and really fitting for what these youth feel.” 

Through this trek, Victoria wanted to inspire at-risk youth in her community and encourage them that with any mountain they face, they can overcome it too. For them a mountain may be getting out of bed and asking for help, going back to school, or starting detox; but whatever it is they can overcome their mountains one step at a time.

About trellis.

Victoria used trellis to raise money and awareness for her climb. She started by creating pages on Gofundme and Facebook, but quickly found that her trellis page was far more effective at raising money and sharing her story. She also loved that she was supporting a local company that was focused on giving back. 

So far, Victoria has raised over $8,000 and is still collecting donations for the Upstream Project to hit her $10,000 goal.


Join the action. 

Inspired by what Victoria’s done? You can start a fundraiser for a cause close to your heart, and make a massive difference too. 

And hey, rumour has it the Sprout a Fundraiser challenge is still on! If you start a fundraiser for an organization in the Okanagan before the end of the year, you have a chance to win an EXTRA $10,000 in cash for that cause. Yeah we know, it’s a pretty sweet deal.