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Other organizations are leveraging third party fundraising, and we think you should be too.

Wait, lets take it back a step first. What is third party fundraising?

It’s those amazing fundraisers and event pages set up for your organization by your supporters. Those extra surprises and the best kinds of messages to get about more funds for your cause!


We know the impact that it makes when amazing supporters like that come along and support your cause. They are the cape-less heroes (or maybe they do wear capes, and if so that makes them even cooler) that show up, step up, and raise up! 


We’re seeing a trend towards more and more organizations empowering their third party fundraisers and we think you should do the same. 


But where to start? What about trellis?!


On Trellis, we are making it easy for third party champions to fundraise for your cause. Our platform gives you the ability to receive the funds directly (yay for transparency in the non-profit sector), automate tax receipts, and gather their donor data so you can increase your network of supporters to call upon. 


With third party fundraising, you can raise more funds with significantly less effort. You get to increase your reach as an organization and are able to spend less time fundraising as an organization. 


But how to start leveraging third party champions?

  1. Start with an ask.

    Regularly remind your supporters how they can start third party fundraisers for you with ease (hint, hint, you can make third party fundraising even easier for your champions by setting up templates!)

  2. Support the champions you currently have!

    Repost their fundraisers, share it out on social media, and talk to people about it! When they feel supported by you, they’ll be keen to raise more and even host more fundraisers for you!

  3. Share the impact it makes.

    In your newsletters, on social media, and in annual reports. Show how much fundraising happens through third party champions, and the impact that it has on your organization. By sharing the difference third party fundraising makes, you’ll inspire others to give it a try!


Leveraging third party fundraising will change the game for your organization! You can raise more, have a bigger impact, and do less work (cheers to that!), and watch you and your champions do even more good.  We know, it’s a pretty sweet deal. 

Connect with our team of fundraising specialists to talk about what it would look like for your organization today!