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We know that your organization has a powerful story and is creating an incredible impact. Whenever we have a chance to connect with an organization, we are so inspired by all the work taking place. But, sharing your why beyond a phone call or in-person conversation doesn’t happen as often as it should. 


We think your why needs to be unignorable. It needs to be clear, concise, and engaging. It needs to share a story: a personal story with real people, talking about a real difference and tangible impact that is being made. And it also needs to tell why the work matters for more than one person. Think about the overall impact and difference that is made, how the work is impacting a community and fulfilling a need. It should share your vision and explain why support is critical for your organization. 


This is the number one reason people support a cause they care about. However, we find, it’s also the one thing most forgotten about when planning and sharing fundraising events. Don’t wait until your event to share stories of impact. Start now and build interest and excitement to encourage people to donate and attend. 


With trellis, we are making it easier for you to share your why. Through words, pictures, and videos, you can use trellis to tell your story, inspire others, and encourage action. 


This fundraising page from Her International is an example of exactly that, having included images and text to share their story and show the easy ways others can get involved too. 


CRIS Adaptive Solutions has done the same, using captivating videos and images to inspire others to join the Polar Bear Dip and give back to their cause. 


Similar to Her International and CRIS Adaptive, how can you share your story in a way that motivates others and brings awareness to your cause?


Why you might ask? Because it matters. 


We’re experts in creating fundraising pages and events to share your why. Connect with one of our fundraising specialists today to learn how you can make a fundraising page that shares your why, and results in an increase of 25% to your fundraising efforts.