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Blog number 4 in our series teaching you how to increase your fundraising revenue and save time is coming right up!
From donation prompts, to offering different ticket price points and starting early, we’re giving you great tips to make sure your next fundraiser is the best yet. And hey, we won’t stop there! 2020 should be your best fundraising year yet, and here at trellis we’re determined to help make that possible! 

ready to dive into tip number 4 to raise you more funds, while saving you time?! 

Did you know you can use trellis to sell sponsorship opportunities? And more than that, did you know we can make it easier by lessening administrative time for both you and your sponsors? It’s the ultimate win-win!

When creating your trellis page, make sure to set up sponsor options right on your page just like Catholic Crosscultural Services did for their upcoming gala! When they made their event page, they added sponsorship options in the form of donation cards. Not only did it present all the key information in an easy and clear way, but it also attracted others to consider sponsorship when buying their tickets! Now isn’t that the ultimate BONUS or what? Like, seriously!

Take a look at their page, and let me know what you think. Personally, I’m a fan especially when it means that you can spend less time on fundraising packages, handling payments, and personalizing messages to all your amazing sponsors!



We’d encourage you to give it a try for your next fundraiser and see what happens! The only thing we foresee is you raising more than anticipated and having your best fundraising year to date!

And hey, if you’re looking for a little more guidance as you get started, make sure to check out this video showing you how to create clear call-to-action components for potential sponsors. PS. For more help, you can find us is through that little blue chat icon in the lower right corner whenever you’re on trellis!

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