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You made it! 

We are so excited that you are here. We mean it. We know that Sprout a Fundraiser is going to make some serious waves, and we are so glad you want to be a part of it!

We’re explaining how it works, so champions listen up! (And charities keep listening too, so you can tell your third party champions what they need to do!)


Here’s how it works.


pick a cause

We know you have a cause you’re passionate about, everybody does! Pick a cause that’s close to your heart and start brainstorming your fundraiser!

Have a cause in mind but not sure which charity within that space to work with? Reach out and we’d love to help!

Have a charity in mind but don’t see it on our platform? No problem! Holler our way and we can help with that too!


create a fundraising page on our platform

Get creative and come up with an awesome fundraising idea! Head to and create a fundraising page. If you don’t have all the answers yet, not a problem! Make an outline and you can keep making changes and edits from there! 


launch your fundraiser and start raising money

We’ll help connect you with your chosen charity or non-profit, get your page approved by them, and get it live to start raising money! Once you’re live you can start collecting donations right away!

Keep checking your trellis page to see your progress on ticket sales and donations through our easy-to-use dashboard.


oh yeah! There’s some more helpful details to know!

Once you begin, you’ll see it’s super easy to get started, and our amazing Customer Support team will be here along the way to help you if any challenges arise! 

The Sprout challenge runs from now till December 31, 2019. In order to be eligible to win the $10,000 make sure your event page is live and you’ve sold at least one ticket, or received one donation by the end of the year! You’ll have until our launch party in February to keep raising funds and have at a chance at winning the Most Impactful Fundraiser for the $10K prize.

Already planned for your fundraising event to be held after our announcement event in February? No worries! You’ll still be eligible to win the $10K, but just remember you’ll be judged on your impact up until the announcement day!


So what do you say? Ready to get started?