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We know that everybody has a cause they care about. One that excites you, ignites a passion inside, and one that keeps drawing you back. 


You want to learn more, do more, and donate more. 


With our Sprout a Fundraiser challenge, we wanted to create an opportunity for changemakers just like you to say yes. In a world that keeps telling us no, our challenge is saying yes. Yes to creating change, yes to hosting fundraisers, yes to building fundraising campaigns, yes to donating to causes you’re passionate about, yes to making a difference in your community. And through our challenge, we want to give you a chance to say yes to winning an extra $10K for your cause. 


We’re so thrilled to be able to share this challenge with you, and we honestly would not have been able to do it without Clique Media, who, by donating the $10K prize, encouraged us to dream bigger and say yes to even more. 



But hey, this isn’t just about kind-hearted change-making friends! 

We’re looking at you too local businesses!

Companies, we know you are constantly bombarded with advertising and messaging about corporate social responsibility, driving impact, and social return on investment, but it can be hard to know how to implement these initiatives within your organization. With Sprout a Fundraiser, our challenge gives you an opportunity to amplify your impact. Raise money and drive results, all while having the chance of winning an additional $10K for your chosen cause. 

Create and host fundraisers, raise money and bring awareness to local causes and your business simultaneously. We can all say yes to that!


Ready to start sprouting impact?